Group classes

adult class

We have group Igbo Language classes for both adult and children. Our classes take a maximum of 7 attendees per class. Class groups are from complete beginners to intermediate and Advanced level speakers.

Sessions are planned to be highly interactive and engaging, providing an opportunity to practice during the sessions. Attendees are assessed during a free introductory class prior to being placed with a learner group. Classes are for 40 minutes and is carried out via Zoom.

Private classes

adult class

For a more personal touch, we provide 1 to 1 class for both children and adult learners. These sessions run for 40 minutes via Zoom. This class involves a lot of practice and active listening, speaking and reading in Igbo. Learners are encouraged to put new words together to form sentences and respond in Igbo over much of the class. of 7 attendees per class. Class groups are from complete beginners to intermediate and Advanced level speakers.

Language acquisition coaching

adult class

The Sụpụ Project support bilingualism in families. The best time to start is now. So, whether as young children or adults, becoming bilingual does not have to seem far-fetched. The most important requirements are the interest to learn a new language and the discipline to see it through by following set goals.

Like we always say, start with your indigenous language if you have one. Our coaching services are run as 1 to 1 session for families or individuals for up to 12 weeks after which is a follow up review is to measure progress. In these sessions, learners are guided through an action plan to attain understanding and proficiency in their chosen language.

School Enrichment Sessions

adult class

Our visit to schools is to share a taste of the Igbo culture through music, dance, stories, arts and crafts and language learning. The aim is to create an immersive experience where are learners' imaginations are thrown into the world of Igbodom through fun activities.

Igbo Folktale Sessions

adult class

Join us in our online or face-to-face storytelling sessions where we share traditional Igbo stories featuring 'Mbe', the tortoise and other characters. We learn new songs and everyday lessons on different life issues. These sessions are targetted towards children from ages 3 to 12 years old.